Note: You can create guest custom fields from the Admin mode in the Organization level.  

To enter data manually for a guest:

  1. Open the guest profile
  2. Click the Custom Fields tab. 

    3. Enter the relevant details in the available custom fields.

    4. Click any of the following options after completing the form:

  • Save: Saves the guest details as it is and any later changes made to the data will override the current information.
    Note: Changes made to the data will override any prior data and a history of the changes cannot be obtained. To be able to view prior changes, use the Save a Version option below.
  • Save a Version: Using this option allows you to save a data version. At any time, you can browse through data versions and view an older version. You cannot edit previous data versions.
    View the versions on the left of the Custom Fields page with the latest version listed first with the date and time of update. Click on any version to view its details.
  • Print: Click to take a print out of the form.
  • Cancel: Click to close the window. Any unsaved changes will be lost.
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