Every month, after an audit is performed, the inventory management system should be able to report two issues:

  • Inventory Levels: A discrepancy of expected vs. actual inventory levels
  • Usage Levels: A projection of how much product should have been used for the services administered. For example, if 75 hair coloring services were performed, the system should project how much product should have been used. This enables you to compare projected usage vs actual usage in the center

A reconciliation process provides the manager with data to follow up with staff and act on discrepancies.

Note: Only an employee with an owner's role can perform a reconciliation in Zenoti.

To perform a reconciliation:

  1. Ensure that you are at the center level.
  2. Based on whether you are reconciling retail or consumable products, select one of the following:
    - Inventory > Stock Levels > Retail > Reconcile
    - Inventory > Stock Levels > Consumables > Reconcile
    The Reconcile Inventory page opens.
  3. Click Reconcile Now to reconcile the products.
  4. Enter any useful notes about the reconciliation under Reconciliation Notes
  5. Click Save Changes

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