1. In the Appointment Book, click the appointment that you want to book again on a future date, and then select Rebook
  2. From the context menu, select one of the following:
  • If you are rebooking a single appointment, select Appointment
  • If you want to rebook all the appointments in a group, select Group

          Note: If you are rebooking an appointment that is included in a package, the                 menu displays the options: Package and Group.
          Rebook an Appointment vs Rebook a Visit: If you are rebooking a single stand-           alone service, the menu displays the options: Appointment and Visit.
You may also rebook an appointment with more than one service. Assume a                  guest originally booked an appointment with two services, Full Arm                                Waxing and Manicure.
           If you rebook the appointment, depending on the appointment you are                          rebooking (say, Full Arm Waxing),  only this (one) service is rebooked.
           If you rebook the visit, both services (Full Arm Waxing and Manicure) are                       rebooked.

          A Rebook Appointment dialog box appears with further instructions. 

      3. Select the new date for the appointment from the Calendar pop-up

          The Appointment Book automatically opens to the selected date.

      4. Click an available time slot of a therapist.

      5. Click Book Here

      The Appointment Book displays the new appointment.

Important: If a guest takes a service (say, Waxing) on any given day and books an appointment on the same day, either for the same service (Waxing) or another service (say, Facial), then Zenoti considers the second appointment as a rebooked appointment. 

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