Non-recurring memberships are pre-paid memberships where clients pay the membership fee at one go and use the membership benefits through the tenure of the membership.

Zenoti enables you to offer term-based memberships that expire after a specific period such as 3, 6 or 12 months. In such membership plans, clients usually pay the membership fee in full and use the membership benefits through the tenure of the membership.

Membership plans are set up for the entire organization and not for a particular center. After you create a membership plan for the organization, you can go ahead and assign to the centers where you want to use. 

The following are the major steps to create a non-recurring membership plan

Step 1: Access the Create Membership Page

  1. At the organization level, navigate to Marketing > Memberships > Memberships.
    The Manage Memberships page opens.
  2. Click Add.
    The Create New Membership page opens.

You can use the Create New Membership page to create a non-recurring membership by following the steps mentioned in this article.

Step 2: Enter Basic Membership Information

Enter basic membership information such as its name, code, description, and Membership Type (Recurring or Non-recurring). 

In this case, you need to select the type of membership as Non-Recurring

Based on the type of the membership other options change. Learn about the fields available while setting up basic membership information

Step 3:  Set up Payment Information

Membership payment options depend on the membership type. 

For non-recurring memberships, you must enter the membership price and the expiry period. 

Some memberships have an enrollment fee, the details of which need to be set up as well.
Learn how to setup payment criteria for a non-recurring membership.

Step 4: Set up Benefits

With non-recurring memberships, members can redeem their memberships benefits at a frequency that you set up.

Memberships benefits include the following:

  • Credits: Credits in a value higher than the membership price. For example, you can give $130 credit value for a payment of $100 for a membership.
  • Service Credits: Free services that are included as part of the membership.
  • Discounts: Discount on specific (or all) services.

You need to set up one or a combination of the above benefit types on specific services or service categories. After you set up benefits, you must define relevant conditions around the use of these benefits. These include how often can the benefits be redeemed, their expiry period. You can also specify if and how the roll over credits can be used after the expiry period.  
Learn how to set up various benefits for a non-recurring membership plan.

Step 5: Set up Employee Commissions

Set up employee commissions for membership sales. You can also choose if you want to allow payment of commission to therapists when guests use their service credits. Learn how to set up a commission on membership sales.

Step 6: Assign and Customize Membership  Plans for Centers 

Memberships plans need to assigned to the relevant centers after you create them. The membership price, setup fee, and revenue recognition model can be customized per center.
Learn how to customize a membership plan for a center

Step 7: Show the Membership Plan on your Online Catalog

You can configure the settings to show the membership on customer mobile app as well as webstore. You can add any video around the membership to go along.
Learn how to display a membership plan on your online catalog (Webstore and CMA).

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