To change a guest's appointment status:

  1. In the Appointment Book, click the appointment whose status you want to change.
  2. Select Change Status.
    The menu shows the current status of the appointment with a check mark next to it.

        Note: The above image shows the status of an open appointment (marked
        orange). The Change Status options vary depending on the appointment
        status. For example, if you click an appointment whose status is Paid, the Change         Status options you can see are, Reopen and Void.  
    3. Select the appropriate status from the list.
        The Appointment Book changes the appointment block to reflect the updated

        Note: When you change an appointment status to Cancel, Void, or No show, the           appointment no longer appears in the Appointment Book.
       Note: You cannot change the status of a future appointment to Start or Complete.

Undo Confirmation of an Appointment

If you have confirmed an appointment accidentally, you can undo it by selecting Undo Confirm from the Change Status menu.
Note: Undo Confirm is available in the menu for Confirmed appointments only.

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