After you've subscribed to Plutus, you need to configure the Plutus processing in Zenoti. The Plutus integration needs to be set up for each center separately, at the center level settings of your software. 

To configure Plutus in Zenoti

1. At the center level, navigate to Admin > Centers.
    The Manage Centers page opens.

2. Click the name of your center.
     All center settings categorized by tabs appear.

3. Click the Payment tab and expand Integrated Payment Processing.
    Depending on the country you are in, one or more payment processors appear.

4. Select Use center settings.
    Note: If you want to configure Plutus at the organization level, you must  
    navigate to  Admin > Organization > Organizations > Payment > Integrated            
    Payment Processor > Configure Payment Processors
and proceed with the next

5. Locate Plutus payment processor and click Configure.      

    The Plutus configuration screen opens.

6. Complete the following fields:

  • Merchant ID: Enter the four-digit Merchant ID provided to your organization by Pine Labs. For example, 1234.
  • Security Token: Enter the 32-character security token provided to you by Pine Labs. For example, 70D7509C-0A90-4938-A7F9-DB99B9B841D9
  • StoreID: Enter the five-character Merchant Store Code assigned to this center. For example, MP123.
  • Add Terminal: You can add multiple card readers to process payments through Plutus. To add terminals or card readers, click + Add Terminal.
        - Hardware ID
    : Enter the Hardware ID of the Plutus device.
        - DeviceIMEI
    : Enter the IMEI number of the Plutus device. For example,
        - MerchantStorePosCode
    :The combination of 5-character merchant store
          code and 3 digit POS registration ID. For example,MP123015.If you do not
          have the POS registration ID, enter 000 as the last three digits.
    Click Add.
    Zenoti adds the card reader to the terminals list.
    These details are provided by Pine Labs when you subscribe for the Plutus Payment service. 

8. Click Save

9. You have successfully integrated Plutus with Zenoti. 

10. (Optional) If you have configured more than one payment processor, select
     Select Transaction Types
and select the processor you wish to use for in-store
     and online transactions.
     The following is an example image that shows two payment processors
     configured for each of the transaction types.

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