The Zenoti-Xero integration enables you to export your store’s accounting data in Zenoti to your Xero account. The integration automates the following tasks to save your time on data entry, and improve data accuracy:

  • Send your sales invoices to Xero.
  • Send your customer payments to Xero for reconciliation.
  • Sync the inventory balance between Zenoti and Xero in real time.

In Zenoti, the synchronization settings need to be configured at a center level, which means if your organization has multiple centers, you need to set up the integration for each center separately.
Important: You must use a separate Xero account for each of your centers.
Do not use a single Xero account for all your centers.

Setting up Xero integration, consists of the following steps:

  1. Add Accounts and Tax Rates in Xero
  2. Set Up the Zenoti-Xero Integration 
  3. Run and Verify Synchronization
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