Note: Zenoti supports eGHL integration in Southeast Asia - Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. To complete eGHL integration with Zenoti, you will need an eGHL account. If you do not have one, contact eGHL.

You can choose to configure eGHL for your entire organization or for specific centers. Note that if you configure eGHL at the center level, the center settings override the organization settings.

To configure eGHL in Zenoti:

1. At the center level, navigate to Admin > Centers.
    The Manage Centers page opens.

2. Click the name of your center.
     All center settings categorized by tabs appear.

3. Click the Payment tab and expand Integrated Payment Processing.
    Depending on the country you are in, one or more payment processors appear.

4. Select Use center settings.
    Note: If you want to configure eGHL at the organization level, you must  
    navigate to  Admin > Organization > Organizations > Payment > Integrated            
    Payment Processor > Configure Payment Processors
and proceed with the next

5. Locate eGHL payment processor and click Configure.  

       The eGHL configuration screen opens

6. Enter your Merchant ID, Password, and Provider URL.
    Note: If you do not have these details, contact eGHL. 

7. Click Save.
    The account information is saved.

8. Click Save.

    You have successfully integrated eGHL with Zenoti 

You can now collect card payments from the Webstore.

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