After you integrate Zenoti with FreedomPay and submit an HPP Switching Request to FreedomPay, guests can make card payments on Webstore as follows:

1. Guests log in to the Webstore, make a purchase, and come to the Payments Screen.

2. Guests click Pay Now.
A prompt asking the guest to select a card on file or use a new card appears.

    Note: You must be aware of the following:

  • The saved card appears only if the guest has a stored card. 
  • If the guest selects the saved card and clicks Pay, the transaction completes and the details are updated in Zenoti.
  • If the guest does not have a saved card, only the Use a new card option appears.

3. If the guest does not have a stored card or prefers not to use it, the guest selects
    Use a new card and clicks Pay.
    A window to enter the card details appears.

4. Guests enter their card details and click Submit.
    The transaction details are updated in Zenoti.


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