To select the custom data fields you want to enable for the service:

  1. If not already on the Create Service window, navigate to Admin > Resources > Services > Click Add for a new service or click an existing service from the list to edit its details.
  2. Enter General Details and click Next.
    The Pricing section opens.
  3. Enter Pricing Information and click Next.
    The Products section opens.
  4. Select Products and click Next.
    The Resources section opens.
  5. Select Resources and click Next.
    The Custom section opens.
  6. From the list of service custom data fields, select the fields you want to enable for this service.
    Once enabled, additional data for this service can be captured using these custom fields from the appointment book.
    To know more about creating a service custom field, read the Creating a Service Custom Field article.

      Complete the fields in this section as follows:

  • Do you require a service-level form?: Select one of the following options from the list:  
      - Same form for each visit: If you select this option, select the following:
        a) Select a form: Select a custom form from the list.
    b) Allow emailing of form link: Select this checkbox to include
            the form link using the [ServiceDataLink] macro in the
            Appointment Confirmation and Appointment Reminder

     - Different forms: If you select this option, select the following:  
    a) First Visit: Select a customer form for the first visit of the
            customer for this service.
         b) Subsequent visits: If the customer repeats the service, choose
             a different custom form for the subsequent visits of the customer.

    - No form: Select if you do not want a service level form.

  6. Click Next to go to the Catalog section. Read: Configure Online Catalog

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