After you place an order for a POSzle pack and you receive your POSzle devices, you will need to connect the individual devices. Read on for step-by-step instructions.

Note: After you receive your POSzle pack, you must send an email to with the serial number of the Miura card reader and request for activation.

Connecting Your POSzle Devices

1. Remove all devices from their packaging. Your POSzle package should
   contain the following items:

2. Connect the power cord to the convertor.

3. Plug the end of the power convertor into the printer. 

4. Plug the power plug into a power outlet.

5. Insert the iPad into the iPad cradle.

6. Connect the iPad and the CC reader stand to the back of the printer.

7. Slide the CC reader into the cradle.

8. The Zenoti Payments hardware setup is complete.

You can now proceed with the following next steps:

  1. Configure your Zenoti account to accept Zenoti Payments
  2. Install the Zenoti Mobile POS app on an iPad
  3. Pair the credit card reader to the iPad
  4. Pair the printer to the iPad
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