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You may cancel a membership based on the guest's request to stop the collection status. After you cancel a membership, the collection status appears cancelled in the membership details page and depending on the settings, a notification is sent to inform your guest about the cancellation of the membership.

If you want to cancel a membership, but allow the customer to use any remaining benefits (credits, discounts, or remaining services) for a certain period of time, be sure to set up the Terminate On date (explained in the steps below) to the correct date. 

To cancel a guest's membership

  1. Open the Guest History.
  2. On the page, click the Memberships tab.
  3. Click the name of the membership that you want to cancel.  
  4. On the membership details window, click Cancel
  5. On the Cancel dialog, enter the following details: 
  • Cancel On:  Select the date from which you want to stop the collections for the membership. The default value is set to the current date, but you can change it to a later date.
    The status of the membership changes to Cancelled on the date you select. If you cancel the membership with the same date, it is canceled immediately. 
  • Terminate On:  Select the date from which you wan to stop the guest from using the remaining membership benefits. The default value is set to the date of cancellation, but you can change it to a later date.
    Example: If you select Jan 1 as the cancellation date and Feb 1 as the date of termination, the collections stop from Jan 1, but the guest can use membership benefits until Feb 1. 
  • Reason: Select a reason for the cancellation from the list. The reasons in the list are created at the organization level. 
  • Comments: Type any useful notes around this cancellation. You can see this notes in the Appointments report. 

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