You can partially or fully refund the membership price of a one-time membership as well as one or more payments of a recurring membership. 

Below are the important details pertaining to refunding memberships:

  • Which Payment types are allowed: you can refund by cash, credit card, gift card, checks or a combination of these. Alternatively, you can refund using prepaid cards.
  • What happens to the accrued membership benefits: Memberships that are fully refunded have all the membership benefits revoked. If you process a partial refund, the membership credits are reduced accordingly, but the service credits and the discounts remain unchanged.
  • What happens to remaining payments: Zenoti gives you an option to close the membership or stop all recurring payments when you process a refund. If you do so, the membership goes into Closed status. However, if you do not close the membership, it remains active, with all the next payment dates remaining intact. 

Note: If you are using integrated payment processing or Automatic Clearing House (ACH) payments, remember the following points:

  • You can refund through a credit card only if the guest has used a credit card for the payment.
  • You can refund through ACH payment only if the guest made an ACH payment.
  • You can refund up to the maximum amount that the guest paid through a credit card or an ACH payment.
  • You can refund credit card or ACH payments in the form of cash or prepaid cards.

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