Disclaimer: From October 8th 2020, this feature is generally available (GA) for all businesses.


Referral programs can help your brand grow by engaging and leveraging your brand’s biggest asset: your customers. You can create brand ambassadors of these very customers. What’s more? With Zenoti’s referral rewards program, you can now reward them and the referee guests too! For example, you can set up a $10 discount on any service for new guests, while at the same time award a $5 gift card to guests making referrals.

Once your business owner has set up the referral reward program, the front-desk staff must simply add the referral while booking an appointment for the referred guest. Assume your business has tied referral promotions to the referral ‘Friend’.

In the following screenshot, Ross Gellar is the existing guest who has referred new guest, Robin Baker (referee).

Note: The front-desk staff can see the Referral field in both, the booking panel and the Booking Wizard.

At any point, the front-desk staff can view the referral rewards in the guest’s profile. There are other handy details such as the name of the guests referred to your business, details of the kind of referral reward, and the date on which the referral reward was redeemed.

The guest profile also shows the referral code that the guest can use to claim referral rewards. This is useful if, for some reason, the guest does not have access to her mail/text messages while booking or during checkout. The front-desk staff can always look up the referral code from the guest profile.

When Robin (referee) completes his first appointment and his invoice is closed, Ross (referrer) can use his referral promo code to claim any discount or gift card (as configured by your business) on his next visit. Ross can claim the reward either while booking his next appointment or during payment.

Note: Your business must set up the Referral - Thank You (email/text) notification correctly so that Ross (referrer) gets his referral code from any of these channels of communication.

Assume Robin’s (referee) takes his first service with you and his invoice is closed. Now, when Ross (referrer) books another appointment, he can claim his referral reward. During checkout, he informs the front-desk that he has a referral code and this code is then applied on his invoice.

Refer to the following screenshots to understand how the referral code is applied on the invoice. In this case, the reward is a discount.

The referee guests can redeem their rewards in a similar fashion.

Note: If your business configures a predefined gift card as the referral reward, guests (both, referrer and referee) can redeem their rewards in a similar manner.

Points to Remember

  • Guests can redeem referral rewards while booking an appointment or during payment as a coupon code.
  • A referrer’s code becomes valid only after the referee guest’s invoice is closed.
  • The loyalty reward program and the referral reward program are independent. There is no impact to refers made through the loyalty program.
  • At any point in time, you can set up only one referral reward program for your business.

To add referral details for a new guest and apply referral code in an invoice:

  1. Start booking an appointment from the booking panel or from the Booking Wizard for a new guest.
  2. Select the Referral source.
  3. In the Ref By field, enter the name of the guest who referred your brand to this guest.
  4. Proceed with the booking as you normally do.
  5. In the Take Payment screen, enter the referral promo code in the Coupon# field and click apply.
    Once the referral code is applied successfully, the invoice reflects the discount or gift card used to claim the referral reward.
    Congratulations! You now have another potential brand ambassador.

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