After you configure Zenoti Payments, it is recommended that you add Verifone V400m as a terminal to start receiving payments through card transactions. V400m comes along with an in-built printer.

To add V400m as a terminal in Zenoti

  1. If you are adding the terminal at the organization-level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings.
  2. If you are adding the terminal at the center level, navigate to Admin > Payments > Settings.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow to view more options.

4. Select the Terminal Settings section.
5. Enter the following information:
- Terminal Name: Enter the name of the device.
- Identifier: Enter an identifier for the device.
Example: If the device is only used in WiFi mode, then you can enter
the identifier as V400m WiFi only. This will help you identify the device if
you have multiple V400m terminals in your center.
- Serial Number: Enter the serial number of the device. The serial number
is printed on a label behind the device.

6. Click Add.
The terminal is added and you can use it to make card transactions.

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