Zenoti Payments is an integrated payment processing system that allows you to have an omnichannel presence.

The system supports a variety of payment types, including card swipes, dip transactions, contactless payment from Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and credit cards stored on file.

Zenoti Payments is supported in-store (Zenoti Web, Mobile POS), and online (Webstore and Consumer Mobile App). Zenoti Payments is a PCI Compliant payments system.

Note: Zenoti Payments is available only in the following regions: 

The following articles help you to set up Zenoti Payments for your business: 

  1. Zenoti Payments - Check the prerequisites and the verification process.
  2. Steps to configure Zenoti Payments
  3. Configure transaction types for Zenoti Payments
  4. Add Terminals in Zenoti:
    - Add Verifone e285 as a terminal
    - Add Verifone e285p as a terminal
    - Add Verifone P400 Plus as a terminal
    - Add Verifone V400m as a terminal

5. Configure Card Readers:
     - Enable WiFi for Verifone e285
     - Enable WiFi for P400 Plus
     - Verifone P400 Plus: Change the WiFi Network on the device
     - Enable WiFi for V400m

6. Board the Card Reader

After setting up Zenoti Payments, you will be able to:

  1. Accept card payments in mirror mode.
  2. Accept card payments on Zenoti Mobile.
  3. Collect online payments through Auto-pay on the Consumer Mobile App (CMA).
  4. Auto-update the saved cards of your guests
  5. Use Address Verification System while Adding New Cards

Zenoti Payments gives you access to the following reports:

  1. Collections - Online Transactions
  2. Zenoti Payments Reconciliation

Check the following articles for steps in resolving your payment disputes:

  1. Dispute Handling: Overview
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