Important: This is not an integration of Facebook with Zenoti. This is an option to redirect your guests to the Webstore from Facebook.


Facebook is the most widely used social networking platform that has a monthly active user base of more than 2.4 Billion*.

Given the reach of Facebook, it is always a good practice to have a Facebook business page for your spa or salon as this helps your business gain visibility and attract new guests. 

In case you already have a Facebook business page, you can create a seamless booking experience for your guests by adding a Book Now button. This button will redirect your guests to the Webstore, where they can complete the booking.

*Source: Facebook


To improve bookings using Facebook

  1. Log in to Facebook and open your business page. 
  2. Click +Add a Button.
    The Add a Button to Your Page screen appears.

      Note: If you already have a button configured, such as a Learn More button,
      you can hover over the button and edit it by clicking the Edit Button option.

  3. Expand the Book With You drop-down list and select the Book Now radio button.

   4.  Click Next.
        The button configuration page opens.
   5.  Select Link to Website option. 

        The Link to Website pop up appears.
    6. Enter the URL of your Webstore.
        Note:  You can have a single Facebook page for your company or
        individual Facebook pages for each of your centers.

        If you want your guests to be redirected to a center’s page directly, then
        you must include the Center Id in your URL.

       To include the Center Id, follow the below steps:
       a. Open the Webstore and select a center.
           The Webstore of the center opens.
       b. On the address bar, copy the URL till the center id.
            Example: The Webstore URL after you select the center will be as follows:
            The alphanumeric section after webstoreNew/ is the center id.
        c. Copy the entire URL including the Center Id.
        d. Paste the selected part of the URL in step 6.
            When your guests click the Book Now button on the Facebook page, they are
            automatically taken to the center's page of the Webstore. 

     7. Click Save.
     8. Click Finish

       The Book Now button is added to your Facebook business page.
       When your guests visit your Facebook page, they can click the Book Now button
       and are redirected to your Webstore where they can proceed with the booking.

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