After you have raised a purchase order or return order, you need to send it to your vendor. With Zenoti, you can email a PDF copy of the raised order to the specified email address of the vendor.

Before you begin, ensure that

  1. Email notifications are enabled for your organization.
  2. Email template is configured using a setting in Admin > Organization > Organizations > Email/Texts tab > Inventory.
  3. Vendor email address is configured by your Admin while adding the vendor. The email will be sent to this email address.If the email address is not defined, Zenoti prompts you to enter the email address.
    Note: The email address that you enter in the prompt, gets updated in the Vendor page and all future communications will be made to the same email address.

To email a raised order to a vendor

  1. Navigate to Procurement > Orders.
    The Manage Procurement & Transfer Orders page appears. 
  2. Locate the order with status as Raised.
  3. Select a time period.
  4. Click Refresh.
    A list of orders based on the selected criteria is displayed.
  5. Click the desired Ref # of the order you want to email.
    The order is opened for editing.

Let’s consider that we want to email a raised purchase order to the vendor. 

6. Click Email to Vendor.

Zenoti checks if the vendor’s email address is configured by the Admin. If it is not, you are prompted to enter one.

12. (Optional) Enter the email address and click Save

The email address is saved for the vendor on the Add Vendor page and the email is scheduled.

The status of the email suggests that it is ‘Queued’ and will be sent in a minute or more based on the network speed. Once, the email is sent, its status changes to ‘Success’.

Note: If you want to CC the inventory owner of your center on all emails going out to vendors, ensure you have a valid email address configured for the Inventory Owner that you have selected under Admin > Organization > Centers > Name of the Center > Settings > General > Inventory Owner.

Follow all the steps in this article to email a raised return order to the vendor.

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