QuickBooks is an accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses and is used to manage sales, expenses, payroll, and inventory.

Zenoti’s integration with QuickBooks enables you to sync the financial data and inventory data from Zenoti to your QuickBooks account. 

The integration of QuickBooks with Zenoti is done through POS Accounting.

Prerequisites to the Setup

  • You must have an active subscription with QuickBooks and should be using either QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You must make a note of the QuickBooks Account ID.
    Learn where you can see the account id in QuickBooks.
  • Set up the following in QuickBooks:
    a. Create Tax groups with the same ID and name as in Zenoti.
    b. Add Services as Service items, with SKUs that match with item codes in Zenoti.
    c. Add Products as Inventory items, with SKUs that match with item code or                 subcategory names in Zenoti.
        Important: When you add SKUs for services or inventory items, ensure that             there is no space. For example, for a product whose item code is ‘P - 001’ in           Zenoti, enter the Product code as ‘P-001’.
    d. Add Packages, Memberships, Gift cards, Prepaid cards, Gratuity, Rounded-off         amount, Support Staff Gratuity (SSG), manual discounts, No-show/cancellation       fee, Service sub-category, and Product sub-category as non-inventory items.
        Important: When you add SKU of each of the non-inventory items, ensure that       there is no space. For example, write the SKU for gift cards as ‘Giftcard’.
    e. Add Locations in QuickBooks.
        Note: The names of your center locations in Zenoti and the locations in                  QuickBooks should match with each other.

Setup Steps 

After ensuring the prerequisites are met, follow these steps to complete the QuickBooks integration with Zenoti:

  1. QuickBooks (Online or Desktop): Full Initial Setup at Organization level 
  2. QuickBooks Desktop: Syncs After Initial Setup
  3. QuickBooks Online: Syncs after Initial Setup
  4. QuickBooks Online: Set Automated Daily Syncs  
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