As a business, while you try to improve and expand your business, guests may give positive and negative reviews. A negative review means that the guest was not happy about some aspect of your business be it the services you offer, the behavior of your staff, the ambiance, or any other detail in your facility. Such guests would not recommend your business to family and friends. 

Negative feedback actually gives insights into the reasons behind why your business is not growing as expected. It presents a great opportunity for you in the sense that if you can fix the underlying reasons for negative feedback, you can actually begin to see positive results for your business. 

For each month in the time frame you select, you can view the breakup of feedback by the number of invoices on which you got positive feedback (Yes), negative feedback (No), and the number of invoices were guests did not take a service, did not leave feedback, or did not want to leave feedback (NA). 

For example, from the above screenshot, you can see that in month of Dec, you had the maximum number of guests saying that they will not recommend your business to their family and friends. 

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