Gathering guest feedback on your services is a great way to understand the mind of your guests - what they like about your business, what they would like to see improved, why they come back to you, why they may recommend or not recommend you to their family and friends. You can then analyze this feedback and customize some of your services, deprecate services for which there is little or no demand, hire more staff for services that have a higher demand. 

In this section, based on the filters you select, you can see how customers have rated your business across centers. 

The box chart in this sections shows the average feedback rating that your business got from guests from each of your centers. The darker the tile, the more the number of responses for invoices from that center. The larger the tile, the higher the rating for invoices from that center. 

For example, in the above screenshot, your Los Angeles center got more guests to respond to their feedback form and is, therefore, a darker tile. The New York center got higher ratings - but not that many guests responded to the feedback form compared to your LA center. 

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