Steps to collect payment from Zenoti Mobile

To collect payments from Zenoti Mobile, ensure your are connected to a BBPOS card reader. Once connected, do the following:

  1. Click the Power button to wake up the BBPOS card reader, if it lapsed into sleep mode. 

       A blue light appears indicating that the card reader is on.  

   3. On the iPad, launch Zenoti Mobile. 

   4. Select the appointment for which you want to take the payment. The  
       appointment details appear to the right, with an option to Proceed for        

   5. Tap Proceed for Payment.
       Various payment types appear.

   6. Select Use Card Reader as the payment method. 

   7. From the list of card readers, select your BBPOS card reader (appears with the
      name you specified in the terminal settings).
      Note: Select the checkbox: Save card for future use, to save the card details to
      Zenoti so that guest can prefer to use the saved card for payments, in future.

   8. Tap Collect.
       Zenoti Payments screen appears prompting you to swipe the card. 

   9. Swipe the card in Chipper 2X BT card reader.
       A screen showing card reader's attempt to connect with the server appears.  

       If in the org settings, you have configured to take guest signature for
       completing the payment, the screen to capture signature appears, once the
       reader is connected to the server. 

  10. Have the guest sign in the Signature field.
        Payment confirmation screen appears, showing the account number, entry,
        amount and other details.

On closing the payment confirmation screen, payment success screen appears.

Important: If you are collecting payment using BBPOS for the first time, a prompt to allow access to your location appears; tap Allow.  

If you tap Don't allow, you will not be able to collect payments using BBPOS. See the FAQ & troubleshooting section (scroll below in this article) to learn about allowing location access.

Collect Card Payments in Mirror Mode

Ensure you have set up the mirror mode and do the following to collect payments in mirror mode:

  1. Log in to Zenoti web. You will be prompted to select a cash register. Select the same cash register that you selected in the Zenoti Mobile. 

   2. Open the Take Payment screen of the appointment.

   3. If the Mirror switch is set to OFF, change it to ON.
       The payment screen "mirrors" on the iPad.

   4. For the Terminal Name, click the Change link and select your BBPOS card
       reader (appears with the name you specified in the terminal settings). 

  5. Click Add Payment. A prompt with the following options appears:
        a. Saved card details
        b. Use a New Card
        c. Use Card Reader
        d. Click Use Card Reader

The payment process continues in Zenoti Mobile.

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