A new version of Zenoti Mobile is available on the App Store with changes in the Dashboard. The changes are:

  • Improved Commissions Report
  • Reordered Tabs
  • Tips in a New Report

In this article you will learn about these changes in detail.

Improved Commissions Report

In addition to an improved UI, we have changed how commissions appear. Read on for more details.

Commissions Displayed by Pay Period Instead of Month

Earlier, Zenoti Mobile displayed commissions by month rather than by pay period. This is in contrary to how your organization generates commissions. Your organization generates commissions based on pay periods.

To fix this, and also to resolve the inaccuracies in reporting of commissions, we have made the following changes:

  • You can view commissions only by pay period.
  • You can view commissions of only your current and previous pay periods.
    : If you want to view commissions of your past pay periods, use the Zenoti Mobile Payroll report.  
  • You can see commissions for a pay period only if payroll has been processed for the pay period. If payroll is not processed, you will see the following screen:

Important: We realize that this change has an impact on how you have been viewing your commissions, and you may be concerned about these changes. Please be assured that we have done these changes to improve the accuracy and usability of the data.
Do note that in the upcoming releases, we'll add functionality that will help you calculate commissions based on commission slabs even when payroll has not been generated.

Reordered Tabs

Earlier, the Dashboard showed the Commissions & Tips tab followed by Sales.
We have now reordered the tabs. You will now first see your Sales information, followed by Tips and Commissions.

Tips in a New Report

Earlier, the Dashboard displayed both Tips and Commissions in the same tab which was not very convenient.
We now have Tips and Commissions in two different tabs.

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