This article addresses some of the questions you may come across while using tag custom forms. 

Can I assign a tag form directly to a group of services?

No. You cannot assign a tag form to a group of services.
Using tags, you can assign multiple forms to a service. When you assign a tag (that has a custom form assigned to it) to multiple services, the information you collect for one service automatically gets applied to rest of the services that use the same tag.

When will a form expire?

A form expires based on the validity configured while creating the form. For example, Let’s say on August 15th if your guest has filled the Consent form that expires after 1 year. If your guest comes back to avail a service on September 16th, your guest need not fill the Consent form. For more information, see Custom Forms Validity: Overview.

What will happen to the custom data if the tag is unassign with the service or the tag is deleted after the guest has filled the form?

Zenoti saves complete information available in the form for all the appointments. However, if you unassign a tag from the service, you won’t have the form assign with the service when you book it next time.

Can I override an unexpired form?

Yes. You can override a form that has not reached an expiry date yet. Use the Enter Service Custom Data option from the context menu of Appointment Book to override.

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