In the unlikely event of a Zenoti system interruption, Zenoti Payments customers can create direct credit card charges via Stripe. 

Before you Begin

  1. Keep the email address and password for the Stripe account you used to set up your Zenoti Payments handy.
  2.  Have a plan to reconcile any charges done directly through Stripe, as they will not reflect in your Zenoti collection reports. 

To initiate a charge using your Stripe account

1. Go to, and log in using your credentials. 

2. In the left menu, locate and click Customers.

       A list of existing customers and an option to add a new customer appears.  
3. Locate your guest in the list of customers. 

4. (Optional) If the guest is not in the list, click New and enter the guest's
     email address.

      A new customer record is created. 

5. Click the guest name.
    The guest details open.

6. Scroll to the Cards section and verify if a card is present.

  • If a card is present: Verify the card details and skip to the next step.
  • If the card details are not valid or the guest wants to use a different card: Click
    + Add Card
    and add the new card details.

7. Scroll to the Payments section and click + Create Payment

   A pop-up to create a New Payment appears.

8. Complete the payment fields and click Charge Customer.
  Note: If you select Authorize Only, the payment will not be captured. Meaning,
    the charge will never be fully completed. 

      The payment is added.

9. Save the Charge ID for the payment (Click ... and select Copy charge ID to
     clipboard and paste it in a Notepad).

After Zenoti is restored, you should record each payment you've taken as a Custom Payment in Zenoti. This article explains the process in detail. 

Note: We recommend that you add the Charge ID from Step 9 into the Additional Data field of the custom payment.

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