Important: Zenoti supports printing insurance statements only for businesses based in Canada.

Zenoti allows you to print insurance statement for any service booking from the POS.

In this article, you will learn how to Enable printing of insurance statements for a center

To enable printing of insurance statement for a center

1. At the center level, navigate to
   Admin > Organizations > Center > Settings > Invoice and Receipt.

2. Select Allow printing insurance statement.

   The Create/Edit Insurance Statement Template appears.

3. Click Create/Edit Insurance Statement Template to open separate editors for
    formatting the statement header and footer. 

4. From the Available Macros box, copy the details you want to include in the header,
    and paste them in the editor.
    Format the select macros using the options in the formatting toolbar.

5. Similarly, include the necessary details and formatting for the footer and click Save
    on the Insurance Statement Template.
    The center Settings tab appears.

6. Click Save on the Setting tab.
     You have enabled insurance statement for your center and an Insurance icon
      appears in the POS for all service appointments.

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