The beauty and wellness industry faces the problem of high employee churn rates. To speed up the process of creating profiles for new hires, you can just clone existing employee profiles. 

You can specify which sections of the existing employee record you want to copy over (to the new employee profile). For example, you may only want to copy job information, preferences, and security role-related information. Once these details are copied, you need to only make the necessary updates specific to the new employee such as personal information. 

By cloning employee records, therefore, you save time and ensure smooth business operations. When your business presents a continuous, unbeatable track record of service to your guests, it helps increase guest loyalty and helps in increasing your sales and revenue. 

To clone an employee record

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level. 
  2. From the main menu, click Employee.
    The Employee Dashboard window opens.
  3. Navigate to Employees > Employees.
    The Manage Employees window opens.
  4. Click the name of the employee whose record you wish to clone.
  5. On the Edit Employee page, click Clone.
    The Clone Employee window opens.

     6. Enter the details of the new employee such as First Name, Last Name, Email,                 and Mobile Phone.
     7. Select the configurations you wish to copy over to the new employee profile.
         You can select from the following list of configurations:
         a) General tab configurations: If you select General tab configurations to be copied, Zenoti copies the information in the Job and Preferences section only - it does not copy information in the Login and Personal Information sections. Learn more: Add General Information for a New Employee
          b) Security roles: If you select Security roles to be copied, Zenoti copies the                   existing security roles from the original profile to the new profile. So, if the original profile has two roles, say in two different centers, both the roles (with                the centers) are copied over to the new profile.
          Learn more: Set Up Employee Roles
        c) Services configurations: If you select Services configurations to be copied,                 Zenoti copies details such as service assignment, provider-specific service time, provider-specific pricing (price scaling), service commission (at the employee level), commission deductions, and costs (such as Guest cost, Shop cost, and  Labor cost).
Learn more: Specify Services an Employee can Perform from the Employee Level
       d) Product commissions: If you select Product commissions to be copied, Zenoti          copies product commissions you define at the employee level.
       e) Membership commissions: If you select Membership commissions to be                    copied,  Zenoti copies details of commissions that you have defined at the                    individual employee level for memberships.
       f) Commission configurations: If you select Commission configurations to be                copied, Zenoti copies revenue slabs based commissions for various items that              have been defined.
       g) Payrates configuration: If you select Payrates configuration to be copied,                  Zenoti  copies information related to payrates.
       Note: Your organization must have Classes enabled for you to be able to view the         Payrates tab in the employee profile.
       h) Select the checkbox Send reset password email/text to ensure that Zenoti                sends a reset password email/text message automatically to the new employee          who can then reset her password.

     8. Click OK.
      The new employee profile is created in the same center and will be Active.
      You will just need to enter a few details specific to the new employee after the             new employee record is created (cloned).  
      Important: The Employee Schedule and configurations in the Catalog tab are not         copied over to the new profile. 

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