The Webstore provides a convenient interface from where your guests can book appointments online. Guests can schedule appointments, select a provider, and also see  newly launched services.

To book an appointment from the Webstore:

  1. On the website, click Book Now.
    (Optionally) In your browser, enter the webstore url.
    The Webstore page appears.

    2. Click Change location link to change the location where you want to book an               appointment.
        The Store Locator page appears with a list of centers.

    3. Identify the center for which you want to book an appointment and click Book               Now. After you select the center, the center location appears in the Studio field.           A list services provided by that center appear below.
    4. From the list, select a service.
        Alternatively, enter the service name in the Search field and select the service.
        Some services have variants and certain services displays suggested add-ons for
        the selected service.
        A list of service variants appears if you have configured the variants to the                      service.

Note: Variants allow you to combine similar services in the webstore. Create variants as services in Zenoti before you can add them to the service.
For example, you could display an  Acne Injection service with variants such as "Light therapy", "Chemical peels", and "Drainage and extraction".    
    5. Select a variant.
        A list of add-ons appear. 

    6. Select an add-on, if required.
        (Optionally) Click Add More Service to add more services to the appointment.
        A list of service providers appears.

    7. Select a service provider.
        Note: For service providers to appear in this list, you must enable the Catalog for         them.
        The Select Date and Time (calendar) appears.

Note: The next available dates (or slots) of the provider appear in green. The current date is highlighted with a red circle. Guests can book an appointment for the dates which are in green color.  
    8. Select an available day and then select the time for which you want to book an              appointment.
    9. Click Book Reservation.
        You can configure the button label, navigate to Admin > Organization >                         Organizations > Catalog tab > Labels section.  

Note: The Sign In page appears, if you are not logged in.

   10. Enter you email id or username and then click Next.
        The Password field appears.
    11. Enter your password in the password field and then click Next.

   12. If you have any coupon code, enter the code in the Coupon Code field and then          click Apply.
   13. Click Confirm Booking to book the appointment.
        The Booking Confirmation page appears.

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