You can configure Moneris as the payment processor for your entire organization or for specific centers.
If you configure Moneris as the payment processor at the center level, the center settings override the organization settings.

To configure Moneris as the payment processor in Zenoti

1. At the center level, navigate to Admin > Centers.
   The Manage Centers page opens.

2. Click the name of your center.
     All center settings categorized by tabs appear.

3. Click the Payment tab and expand Integrated Payment Processing.
    Depending on the country you are in, one or more payment processors appear.

4. Select Use center settings.
    Note: If you want to configure Moneris at the organization level, you must  
    navigate to  Admin > Organization > Organizations > Payment > Integrated
    Payment Processor > Configure Payment Processors
and proceed with the next

5. Locate Moneris CA payment processor and click Configure. 

   The Moneris CA configuration screen opens.

6. Complete the following fields:

  1. Device Type: Select Cloud.
  2. Store Id: Contact Moneris.
  3. API Token: Contact Moneris
  4. Ps Store ID: Contact Moneris
  5. HPP Key: Contact Moneris
  6. Vault Res ID: Contact Moneris
  7. Vault Res Key: Contact Moneris
  8. Saving Cards: Based on your requirement, select the following:
    - Web: Select this checkbox to allow saving cards on desktop    
    - Webstore and CMA: Select this checkbox to allow saving cards on Webstore    and Customer Mobile Application (CMA).
    Note: You may incur charges when you store cards, as per your contract with Moneris.
  9. Click Add Terminal.

     The Add Terminal window opens.

   10.  Complete the following fields:

  • Terminal Name: Enter a name of your choice for the terminal. This name shows up  in your POS screen.
    : IPP320
  • Terminal ID: Enter the Terminal ID associated with your device. The ID is listed on a sticker underneath your iPP320 device.
  • Pairing Token: Enter the Pairing Token that is displayed on your iPP320 device. For more information, see Connect your device to the network.

   11. Click Add and Save.
     The terminal is added and the configuration window closes.
     Note:  Adding a terminal takes up to 2 minutes. When a terminal is added, you will
     see a Terminal Added Successfully message in Zenoti. On your iPP320 device you
     will see a Welcome/Bonjour message.

7. Click Proceed.
    Select Transaction Types window opens.
    Based on your requirement, select the transactions Moneris must process.
    Terminal: Select to allow payment through card swipe or chip-and-PIN, using
    Ingenico IPP320 device.
    Online: Select to process card transactions on Zenoti web application, Webstore,
    and CMA. 

8. Click Save and Finish.
    You have successfully integrated Moneris with Zenoti. 

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