Cashback allows a user to withdraw the cash while paying through a card. Your guests can use the cash to tip the service provider.

Important: You can process cashback only on credit/debit card payments. 

Before you Begin

Enable cashback by navigating to Admin > Organizations > Settings > Invoice & Receipt > Invoice Settings and selecting Enable Cashback.

To give cashback to your guests

  1. Launch the POS window of an appointment for which you want to process the payment.
  2. In the Collect Payment section, click Credit/Debit.
  3. In the Cashback field, enter the amount the guest wants as cashback. 

        Based on the cashback amount you enter, the value in the amount field
        automatically increases. 

    4. Process the card payment as you regularly do.
        Zenoti deducts the total amount including the cashback amount.

        Example: Let’s say that your guest, Marie, gets a massage worth $100 and wants
        to tip the provider $15 in cash. She requests you to give $15 as cashback.
        Therefore, you must enter $15 in the Cashback on the POS window. After she
        pays the full $115 using her credit card, you can give $15 cashback from the
        register and Zenori adjusts the cash in register automatically. 

Important: After the payment is processed, you must give the requested cash to your guest from the cash in your register. Zenoti automatically adjusts the cash in register by deducting the cashback amount.

The adjusted amount is reflected in the Close Payments page and in the Register Closure report. 

Note: Zenoti does not support cashback for group invoices.

Can you Edit, Refund, Void, or Delete a cashback amount?
Based on the cards (online or offline) you use to process the payments with, you can edit, refund, void, or delete a cashback amount.

If you have processed the payment through online credit cards:

If you have processed the payment through offline credit cards:

  • You can delete the payment transaction (if you have the required  permissions). 

Note: If you choose to void or delete a transaction after giving the cashback amount to your guest, collect the cashback amount from your guest and ensure that you put it back in the register.

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