The third step while connecting a Verifone e355 card reader via USB is to
ensure that your Verifone e355 is in USB mode and connect it to a Windows PC via USB.

To ensure that your Verifone e355 is correctly configured for USB

1. Turn on Verifone e355 by holding down the green key for a few seconds.

2. Press yellow and 1 keys at the same time.
    The Engineering Menu appears on the device.        
: If you are prompted for a password, enter 12345678.

3. Scroll down (using the # key) until Comms Setup is selected, and enter the Comms     Setup menu (using the green key).

4. Select Comm Type and press Enter.

5. Select the USB option and confirm by pressing Enter.

   You are returned to the Comms Setup menu.

6. Your Verifone e355 is now in USB mode.
     Press the Cancel key (red key) until you go back to the Home screen.

Connect your Verifone e355 to the Windows PC and verify the Configuration

1. Connect the Verifone e355 card reader to your windows PC via USB.

2. Open the Device Manager.
    In the Device Manager, Verifone e355 should appear under Ports (COM & LPT)
    named VX GEN 3 Terminal. 

4. Make a note of the COM Port.
    This is the same port number you made a note of when installing the device drivers.      You will need to update this value in the port number field of the config file.

Next Steps

Step 4: Edit the config file and restart the Pay Server Service
Step 5: Add Verifone e355 as a Terminal

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