Zenoti understands that you want to show multiple options to your guests when they are booking an appointment. This makes the process simplified and in accordance with your business needs. Zenoti Webstore helps to you achieve this, through the configuration of its General Settings.

To configure general settings for webstore:

  1. Ensure that you are the organizational level.

2. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Catalog.
    The Catalog page opens with two templates.
3. Select Simple Template.
4. Click Go To Settings.
    The Settings page opens.
5. Scroll down to view General Settings.

       Note: Refer to the image at the end of this article - it shows how your Webstore             will look like after you apply the settings.

   In the General Settings, you can configure the following:                 

  • Show Employee Photos: This option enables you to show the photos of your employees to your guests when they book appointments online. 
  • Enable Search Box: This option allows guests to search for a specific service or a category of services.
  • Display Therapist Name: This option shows the name of the provider who will be providing the service to your guest.
  • Enable Shopify: This option lets you add e-commerce functionality to your Webstore. You can start selling once you integrate with Shopify.
    Learn how to integrate Shopify to Zenoti Webstore.
  • Show Categories: This option shows different service categories to your guests when they book an appointment online.
    Learn how to create service categories.
  • Allow Cancel Appointments: Allow your guests to cancel appointments with this setting. This allows your business to be flexible to the guest’s needs and requirements. Your guest may also be charged some cancellation fees, depending upon your business model.
  • Cancellation Prompt Message: This setting is enabled only if you enable the Allow Cancel Appointments setting. Display a text message to your guest, when they cancel their appointments. The guest needs to read your prompt and then click Confirm, to agree to your cancellation terms.
    Example of a Prompt: You have chosen to cancel the services with us. Cancellation charges of $5.00 will be applicable. Click Confirm to proceed with cancellation.
  • Collect Feedback: This option enables you to send a thank you SMS and an email link to guests, for collecting feedback after the services are provided and after the invoices are closed.
    Learn more about capturing guest feedback.
  • Need Gender Info: This option makes it mandatory for your guests to provide their gender while signing up to your Webstore.
  • Enable Discount Code: This option enables you to offer discounts to your guests when they book an appointment through Webstore.
    Learn more about discounts.
  • Allow Additional Services: This option lets your guests book multiple services at once.
  • Enable Multiple Categories Display: This option enables you to show multiple categories for services to your guests.
  • Enable login via Mobile or Email: This option lets your guests log in to your Webstore with an email id or a mobile phone number.
  • Enable Membership Pricing: This option lets your members to take the membership benefits and pricing.
    Note: Therapist Pricing will not be applied if you select this option.
    Learn more about memberships.
  • Enable Gender Selection of Therapists: This option allows your guests to select the the providers categorized based on gender. Your guests will be able to select Any Male Provider and Any Female Provider
  • Is Therapist Selection Required: This option makes it mandatory for your guests to select a provider to continue the booking process. If you do not enable this option, the booking process continues even if the guest does not select a provider. Zenoti assigns a provider automatically in such cases.
  • Is Therapist Required for Add-Ons: Enable this setting to allow your guests to choose a provider for the add-on. When a provider is selected, the add-ons that the provider can service are only shown.
  • Enable Multiple Therapists Selection: By default this setting is disabled. You can turn this setting ON, only if you have enabled Is Therapist Selection Required. This setting allows your guest to select different providers for multiple services they book. If you do not enable this option, a guest can select only one provider and that provider becomes the default provider for all the services in the appointment.
    Important: If you enable this option, Membership Pricing is neither displayed nor applied to your members.
    Example: Sarah booked two services - Hair Color and Manicure. If this option is enabled, she can select Jane as the provider for Hair Color and select Tim for Manicure. If this option was not enabled, Sarah can select only one provider and that provider becomes the default provider for both the services.
  • Enable Therapist Pricing: This feature can be used only if Enable Multiple Therapists Selection is enabled. If price scaling, where you charge more for services by a senior provider is set up, you can use this option to show the variation in prices for the same service when performed by different providers.       Example: If a haircut by Jim (a senior provider) costs $50.00, and a haircut by Tim (a junior provider)  is  $30.00, if you enable this option, guests can view the price of the service with Tim or Jim on the booking screen and make an informed selection.
    Note: If you enable this feature then Membership Pricing will not be applied.
  • Display Price as a Range:  If you have enabled price scaling for services and if you want to show the price in range, then use this setting. For example, $34.99 - $48.50. Use this setting to display the price in a range.
    Note: The catalog for the services shown in the Webstore should be enabled. The maximum price and the minimum price of the service is auto-calculated based on the employee specific price scaling that you set up.
    Learn more: Configure the online catalog for a service. 
  • Display Price with a Label: Use this toggle switch to show the price, along with a text label. When you enable this setting, the minimum price or the starting price is auto-calculated based on the employee specific price scaling. You only need to enter the text label.
  • Label to Precede the Service Price: This option appears only if you enable the Display Price with a Label setting. Enter the text that you want to include along with your price. For example, Starting from $41.99, or $41.00 Onwards. You only need to enter the text label. The price is auto-calculated.
    Note: You can display price either in range or with a text label. You cannot enable both the features.
  • Display Service Duration: This option allows you to display the duration of the service when your guests are booking the appointment. 
  • Display Service Price while Selection: This option allows you to display the prices of the services while your guests are booking the services on your Webstore. 
  • Display Service Price in Summary: This option allows you to display the prices of the services booked by your guests in the summary section. Your guests will see the individual prices of the services as well as the grand total or the final price in the summary section. 
  • Honor Therapist Preferred Booking Interval: Normally, the booking intervals as based on the Appointment Time Slots setting in the Webstore V1 template. Enable this setting to honor the booking intervals based on the therapist preference. 
  • Display a Mandatory Selection Prompt: Enable this setting to enforce your guests to select an important add-on while booking a service. (If the service has an add-on associated with it, and you choose to make the add-on as a mandatory one.)
    Learn more: Show a Prompt for Guests to Select a Mandatory Add-On
  • Header Logo URL: Give the image URL of the header logo that appears on every page of the Webstore.
  • Header Goto URL: Give the URL of your salon website or the home page, when the guest clicks on the header image.
  • Custom Header:  Paste a customized HTML code, to show your custom header.
    Note: This option will remove Header Logo URL and Header Goto URL.
  • Location Picker: Enables your guest to change locations as per their requirements.
    Note: This is based on your organizational level settings.
  • Footer: Paste a customized HTML code to show your guests a customized footer.Note: No footer will be visible if you leave this field blank.
  • Header Find Us Image URL: Paste the Find Us page URL here. The URL will take your guests to the page with all your location details.
  • Header FAQ Image URL: Paste the FAQ page URL here. The link will take your guests to your Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Thank You Page: By default, a Thank You page is not displayed when your guests book an appointment in the Webstore. You can create a customized Thank You page by inserting the HTML code in the Thankyou Page field under the General Settings of the Webstore.  
  • Google Tag Manager: Google Tag Manager is an E-Marketing tag tool, which adds analytics and audience measurement functionality to your Webstore. Insert the Google Tag Manager code snippets to enable this functionality.
    Learn more about adding Google Tag Manager to your Webstore.
  • Banner Image URL: Add an Image URL for your banner that is to be displayed on the Webstore.
  • Android App Id: Add the Id of your salon’s Android App.
  • iOS App Id: Add the Id of your salon’s iOS App.

 Based on your requirement, click one of the following : 

  • Save As Draft : The settings are saved, but are not published.
  • Publish : The settings are saved and the changes are published.
  • Preview : Check a preview of all the settings in the Webstore.

Customizing the sidebar and adding terms and conditions
You can customize the sidebar to display offers provided by your organization and add terms and conditions to your Webstore at center level.
To customize webstore sidebar and terms and conditions:

  1. Always ensure you have selected the center.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Manage Centers > Center > Catalog tab > Settings > General section.

  3. Select Enable Terms and Conditions checkbox.
  4. In the Terms & Conditions field, enter the terms and conditions information.

  Note: The Terms and Conditions appear only after you have specified details for all
  the sections above, while making a reservation.  
  5. In the Side Bar field, enter the html code that displays  all service offers related to         your center on your Webstore sidebar. Sample Sidebar Code

  6. Click Save.

After customizations, your Webstore will appear as follows:

Thank You Page

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