The Zenoti Webstore allows your guests to schedule the date and time for appointments, specify providers of their choice, and even purchase products online. The Webstore is therefore a convenient interface that offers your guests a chance to keep track of new services and products that you launch. 

As a user with the Owner role, you can set up and customize the Webstore to suit your businesses’ branding requirements. The Webstore helps showcase your marketing strategies and can go a long way in increasing revenues. 

An example of a sample Webstore:

Before You Begin

You must configure the following settings in the Online Booking category of the Webstore V1 catalog.

  1. Preferred Appointment Times
  2. Appointment Time Slots
  3. Online Appointment Hold
  4. Allow Clients to Book in Advance

Navigate to Organization level > Admin > Organization > Organizations > Catalog > Classic Template > Go To Settings > Online Booking.

Configure the following: 

  1. Preferred Appointment Times: Set the time interval between each appointment that your guests can see.
    Example: If you choose 15 minutes as the preferred time, then your guest can view that the appointment is available for every 15 minutes. Such as 10:00 AM, 10:15 AM, 10:30 AM, and so on. 
  2. Appointment Time Slots: Set the time slots in which your guests can book the appointments.
    Example: If you choose 30 minutes as the time slot, then your guests can book an appointment for every 30 minutes. The times slots for booking an appointment will be 10:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 11:00 AM and so on.

    Note: If you set Preferred Appointment Times as 15 minutes and Appointment Time Slots as 30 minutes, then your guests can book the appointments for every 30 minutes.
  3. Online Appointment Hold: Configure this setting to temporarily block the appointment before the guest confirmation.
    Example: If you configure the hold time as 1 minute, then before confirming the appointment, the guest will see a screen which says, "You have 1 minute to confirm the appointment".  The guest needs to click Confirm Appointment within 1 minute. Otherwise, the appointment will be void and the guest needs to start from the beginning. 
  4. Allow Clients to Book in Advance:  This setting allows your guests to confirm for an appointment in advance.
    Example: If you configure this setting as 2 hours, and if your guest is booking for an appointment at 3:00 PM, then the guest should confirm the booking before 1:00 PM. 

Set Up and Customize the Webstore

Users (with the Owner role) can customize the Webstore using inbuilt templates. The templates are intuitive to use and need no programming skills. You can modify these templates as per your businesses’ branding needs. 

To set up the Webstore using the Simple template:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations > Catalog tab > Simple Template and then click Go To Settings
  2. Select Simple Template and then click Go To Settings to customize the template as per your organization's brand preferences.

The Webstore settings section looks like this:

Understand the Fields in the Simple Template

  1. Branding Look and Feel: This section allows you to select colors for primary and secondary buttons, containers, and text. You can also specify the fonts to use and specify details for background containers of your Webstore.
    Learn more about customizing your Branding Look and Feel
  2. Labels: This section allows you to personalize labels such as Center, Employee, Booking Button Label that you will use in your Webstore.
    Learn more about customizing Labels based on your Webstore. 
  3. General: This section allows you to control how your Webstore will appear. You can customize details such as:
           - Show or hide your employee photo when guests book appointments.
           - Specify header logo position and the header goto URL.
           - Add footer information and thank you page.
    Learn more about customizing General settings based on your Webstore.
  4. Gift Cards:  This section allows you to configure the Gift Cards, which are purchased by your guests on your Webstore. You can customize the details such as:
             - Set the validity of Gift Cards.
             - Enable different types of Gift Cards.
             - Set the maximum price for the Gift Cards.
  5. Day Packages: This section allows you to enable the sale of Day Packages on your Webstore. You can configure the name of the Day Packages category, and assign a display order for the category.
    Learn how you can enable sale of Day Packages.
  6. Membership Sales: This section allows you to enable the sale of memberships to your guests. You can configure the name of the membership icon on the main menu, set the label for the membership booking button, and add the Membership Thank You page HTML.
    Learn how you can enable the sale of Memberships.

 7. Save as Draft: This option allows you to save the changes you made to the
     Webstore. Note that this option is not the same as publishing - that is, you cannot
     see the changes you have made to the Webstore if you use this option because            you have not yet published the changes. 

 8. Preview: This option allows you to preview your Webstore with your current                   settings - you can get a sense of how the Webstore will appear once it is                        published.

 9. Publish: This option allows you to publish your Webstore - your Webstore is now          available to your customers. Customers can now use the Webstore to book                    appointments and purchase products. 

 10. Collapse: This option allows you to show or hide sections of the Webstore.

 11. Show Preview: This button is available next to Custom Header, Footer, and
     Thank you Page fields. If you have a html or CSS code corresponding to your
     website’s header, footer, and Thank you page, you can copy-paste in the
     respective fields and click Show Preview to see the preview of the content.  

 12. Hide Preview: This button is available after Show Preview button.
    corresponding to the Custom Header, Footer, and Thank you Page fields. After
    seeing the preview of Header, Footer, or Thank you Page, click Hide Preview to
    close the preview.  

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