Series packages contain services guests can use over multiple visits; such packages may contain bundled and free products. Guests pay separately for the bundled products. 

To set up a series package

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.
  2. Click Admin > Resources > Packages.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Click the General tab. 
  5. In the Package Name field, enter a name for the package. Example: Weight Loss 10-15kg. 
  6. In the Description field, enter the plain text description for the package.
    Example: Series Package - for persons with a target of reducing 10kg to 15kg in 3 months.
    Note: The plain text description is displayed in the Point of Sale (POS). 
  7. In the HTML Description field, enter the HTML description for the package.
    Note: The HTML description appears in the Webstore and in other online forums such as Zenoti Mobile and the Customer Mobile App (CMA). Click the preview icon to check how it appears to the end user. 
  8. In the Business Unit drop-down box, select the appropriate business unit.
  9. In the Package Type drop-down box select Series Package.
  10. Select Regular.
    Tip: Do not select the Use as a template for custom packages checkbox as this will create a custom package template that you cannot sell. Use this checkbox only when you create custom packages.
  11.  In the Package Category field, choose a category to group this package.
    Note: You can create package categories from the Admin dashboard. Package categories help the front desk find series packages more quickly during booking.
  12. In the Package Code field, enter a code.
    Codes are useful for you to search for series packages more quickly during booking. 
  13. In the Booking Dates field, enter the dates when customers can book this package. You can leave these fields blank to allow for bookings at any time.
  14. In the Appointment Times field, use the drop-down box and enter a Start and End time. 
  15.  In the Minimum Partial Payment field enter the minimum amount a customer must pay to book the package.
    Important: You will see this setting only if the organization level setting, Enable redemptions on open packages is selected.
    Note: In the Centers tab, you will be able to enter the total price for the package in each center it is sold in. Also if bundled products are included in a package and a partial payment is made, Zenoti first recovers the cost towards the products; the remainder is calculated towards the cost of the package.
    Note: Guests must pay for bundled products that are part of the package.
  16. Select the Allow package price to be inclusive of bundled products checkbox if you want bundled products to be included in the package price.
    You can further select one for the following options:
    a) Package price should be more than products price (selected by default)
    b) Package price can be less than products price
    If you select this option, then you can also enter details for Percentage of price to be allocated to products __ %.
    Example: If the package cost is $1000 and you specify 70% as the Percentage of price to be allocated to products, Zenoti allocates $700 as product sale and $300 as the service sale.
    Tip: You can include bundled products in the Products tab when you are setting up a package. 
  17. In the Initial Recognition field enter how much of the package price should be recognized at the time of the package sale. For example, if you enter 50% here, the remaining 50% will be recognized when the guest redeems each sitting of the service.
  18. In the Expiry field, either enter the expiration date or select the date from the calendar.
  19. In the Freeze Count field, choose Limited to restrict how many times your front desk can freeze this package, and enter the number in the next field.
    Choose Unlimited for an unrestricted number of freezes.
    Important: You will see this setting only if the organization level setting, Enable package freeze is selected.
    Note: The Freeze option is useful if a customer is out of town for an extended period of time. This preserves package validity until the package is unfrozen.
  20. In the Grace Period field enter the number of days you will allow for redemption past the expiry date. Optionally enter a percentage if you want the period to be calculated on validity.
    For example, if you sell a series package with a validity of 360 days, and you enter 10%  here, Zenoti calculates the grace period as 36 days.  
    Note: Users with the permission Extend Grace Period (Organizational level > Admin > Organization > Security Roles > Click a Role > Permissions tab > Administrator section > Packages) can further extend the grace period of a package. See FAQ
  21.  In the Target Type field, optionally enter a goal for the package and optionally specify a value in the Target Value field. For example, if this is a slimming package, you could enter a target type of tracking weight loss.
  22.  Select the Automatically close package when target is met checkbox if you want the package to expire once the target is met.
  23. Select the Allow gift card redemption checkbox to allow the front desk to apply a gift card redemption on payment.
  24. In the Commission field, select whether you want to award commission on the sale of this package.
  25. In the Commission Adjustment field you can override the commission set for the sale of this package.
    You can define Commissions for each job in Zenoti. Enter 50% if you want to award half the standard package sale commission, or enter 200% if you want to double it.
  26. In the Redemption Requirement enter the number of days and in the Visits field enter the number of visits required. Both these fields are taken into consideration when calculating if the guest is regular or not. 
  27. In the Terms & Conditions field, enter any terms and conditions for this package. If needed these can be configured to be printed on the receipt when a package is sold.Note: If you sell this package in the Webstore, customers will have to agree to these terms & conditions before adding the package to their cart.
  28. Select the Start Validity at first redemption checkbox if you want to ensure that the validity of the package starts from the first time a guest comes to redeem a service from her package. 
  29. Select the Enforce One-Time Password (OTP) for package redemption checkbox.
    This provides additional security to ensure that only guests who have actually purchased the package can redeem services that form part of the package. 
  30. Select the Enable transfer of service credits checkbox if you want guests to be able to transfer accumulated service credits to their family and friends.
    This is useful if you want to entice new guests to visit your centers. You can track such guests as Sales Opportunities and also attract such guests using Campaigns
  31. In the Tags field, enter any relevant tags for this package. Using tags, Zenoti groups packages together. For example, once you create a tag “slimming” you can use it when creating all your weight loss packages. Then when running a sales report you can filter packages sold using the “slimming” tag.
  32. Click Next.
    Next Steps: You need must enter details in the Services, Products, Discounts, Centers, Forms, Catalog, and Social tabs to complete the set up process for Series Packages. 
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