Using Zenoti Payments and a Verifone e355 card reader (that you purchased from the online store), you can initiate and accept card payments in Mirror mode and from Mobile POS and Desktop POS.
Note: Verifone e355 card reader also accepts NFC payments (Apple Pay and Android Pay).

To accept payments in Mirror mode or from Mobile POS
Set up your Verifone e355 card reader using one of the following methods:

After you connect your card reader, do the following:

  1. Configure your Zenoti account to accept Zenoti Payments
  2. Install the Zenoti Mobile POS app on an iPad 
  3. Pair the printer to the iPad
  4. Set up Mirror Mode

After you complete the above steps, you can:

  1. Initiate payments in mirror mode
  2. Initiate credit card payments on the Zenoti Mobile POS

To accept payments from Desktop POS

  1. Connect Verifone e355 Card Reader via USB
  2. Initiate credit card payments from the Desktop POS

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