You can copy the list of products available in a purchase order to a transfer order, so that you can transfer those products from your center to another center. You are permitted to do this only if your center is acting as a vendor. 

Example: Let’s say that your center acts as a vendor and you supply the stock to other centers under your organization. You procure 100 Green Tea Face Scrubs through a purchase order and you must transfer half of the quantity to a center in Westbury.
Since you must transfer the same product, instead of entering them manually, you can simply copy the product details from this purchase order to a transfer order.

To copy purchase order details over to a transfer order

  1. Go to Inventory > Procurement > Orders.
  2. Perform one of the following:
     - If you have a Reference Number: In the search field, enter the reference number
       and click Search.
     - If you do not have a Reference Number: Select appropriate Filters and click
      The page shows an order or list of orders. 

   3. Click the Ref# number of the purchase order you want to open.
       The Purchase Order page appears.

   4. Click Copy To Transfer.

     The Copy To Transfer window appears.
  5. From the drop-down list, select the source center from where you want to transfer
      the products.
  6. Select Transfer To option button and then from the drop-down list, select the
      destination center where you want to transfer these products.
: The centers you select on Copy To Transfer window cannot be changed
   7. Click OK.
       The Edit a Transfer Order page appears.
: Product that were available in the original purchase order appears in the
       transfer order only when:
        - Product is mapped to the vendor.
        - Product is associated with your center.
    8. In the Product Name field, enter or select the product name.
    9. In the Retail Qty and/or Consumable Qty field, enter stock quantity of the product
        you want to purchase.
    10. Click Add.

      The product is added and the details such as MRP, Unit Price, Discount, and On
      Delivery Price automatically appear based on product’s configuration on the
      Vendors page.
   11. (Optional) To add more products, repeat Steps 8 to 10.
   12. In the Tax field, select applicable tax type for each of the products.
   13. (Optional) Complete the fields such as Shipping and Handling charges, Invoice#,
        and Shipment details.
   14. (Optional) If you want to delete a product from the list of products you have
        added in the purchase order, click the 'X' icon .
   15. (Optional) Click Save as Draft to edit the it later.
   16. Click Save & Raise.
        The transfer order is submitted to the vendor.

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