Based on the permissions you have, you can delete purchase orders with inaccurate information or if they are no longer applicable.

Note: You cannot delete a purchase order that had accepted deliveries (partial delivery and full delivery), because it impacts the stock count of the products for which audit and reconciliation is completed.

Learn more: List of Statuses for an Order

To delete a purchase order

  1. Go to Inventory > Procurement > Orders and search for the required purchase order using the Filter Criteria or Search.

       Filter Criteria
        - Reports: Select an option based on how you want to sort the reports.
        - Order Type: Select Purchase Orders.
        - All Statuses: Select a particular status if you are looking for the purchase orders
          with specific status or select All Statuses to list out all the purchase orders.
        - Duration: Select a duration so that the search results will be displayed up to that
          time period.
     The list of Purchase Orders appear.
     2. Click the Ref# number of the purchase order you want to delete.
        The Purchase Order page appears.
     3. Click Delete Order.
         Zenoti deletes the purchase order.

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