You can configure Vantiv (Worldpay) as the payment processor for your entire organization or for specific centers.
If you configure Vantiv as the payment processor at the center level, the center settings override the organization settings.

To configure Vantiv as the payment processor in Zenoti

1. At the center level, navigate to Admin > Centers.
   The Manage Centers page opens.

2. Click the name of your center.
     All center settings categorized by tabs appear.

3. Click the Payment tab and expand Integrated Payment Processor.
    Depending on the country you are in, one or more payment processors appear.

4. Select Use center settings.
    Note: If you want to configure Vantiv at the organization level, you must  
    navigate to  Admin > Organization > Organizations > Payment > Integrated
    Payment Processor > Configure Payment Processors
and proceed with the next

5. Locate Worldpay (former name of Vantiv) payment processor and
    click Configure. 

   The Worldpay configuration screen opens.

6. Complete the following fields:

  • Device Type: Select Cloud.
  • Account Id: Contact Vantiv.
  • Acceptor Id: Contact Vantiv.
  • Terminal Id: Enter 1 as the Terminal ID.
  • Account Token: Contact Vantiv.
  • Enable auto updation of saved cards: Select this option if you want Vantiv to automatically update your guest's saved card if it has expired or deactivated, with the new active card associated with the guest.
  • Use Zenoti configured default tip percentages: Select the checkbox if you want to show on the device, the default tips configured in Zenoti (You can configure the default tips at center level > Center > Settings > Zenoti Mobile > Suggested Tips). 
  • Enable AVS: Enables Address Verification Service (AVS) to prevent fraudulent transactions. When AVS is enabled, the guest will be required to enter the street address and ZIP code during the credit card transaction. AVS then compares the submitted street address and ZIP code with the values on file at the cardholder’s bank and the transaction goes through only if the details match.
  • Saving Cards: Based on your requirement, select the following:
    - Web and Mobile POS: Select this checkbox to allow saving cards on desktop    and Mobile POS.
    - Webstore and CMA: Select this checkbox to allow saving cards on Webstore    and Customer Mobile Application (CMA).
         o  Payment page in Webstore: You can configure the Webstore Payments
             page to match with your web page style and branding. To customize the
             style, select the option: Customize payment page. A text field appears
             with a sample CSS code, that has the properties as per the Vantiv
             payments page. You can change the style preferences within this code or
             copy-paste your own CSS. 
  • DD/ACH: Select this checkbox to allow saving cards when using DD or ACH.
  • Click Test.
    Your credentials are validated and Account details validated successfully message appears.
  • Click Save.
    The Terminal Settings section appears. 

7. Click Add Terminal.

     The Add Terminal window opens.

8. For the Device Model, based on the device you are using, select either

      Verifone (MX915 IP/iPP320 IP) or Ingenico iSMP4.

9.  Complete the following fields:

  • Terminal Name: Enter a name of your choice for the terminal.
    Example: MX 915
  • Activation Code: Enter the Activation Code that is displayed on your.
    For more information, see Connect your device to the network.
  • Lane Id: Enter any two digit number as the Lane Id.
    15 (Any digit that is not "0").

10. Click Add and Save.
     The terminal is added and the configuration window closes.
     Note:  When you click Add, if the screen is stuck at Adding Terminal message,
     verify if the device displays triPOS on the screen. If the device displays triPOS,
     proceed with the next step. 

11. Click Proceed.
    Select Transaction Types window opens.

Based on your requirement, select the transactions Vantiv must process.

12. Click Save and Finish.
    You have successfully integrated Vantiv with Zenoti. 

You can now collect card payments from the desktop, Zenoti Mobile POS or in mirror mode.

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