You can return the excess, damaged, or expired products to your vendors using the Return Order form. The form accepts only negative values (denotes negative quantity) to maintain accuracy in the current stock. 

You can track:

  • Return orders in the Purchase Order Listing report 
  • Returned products in the Inventory > Product Returns > Vendor Returns page. 

To create a return order

  1. Select Inventory > Procurement > Orders.
    The Manage Procurement page opens.
  2. In the I Want To drop-down list, select Add Returns.

     The Return Order page opens.
   3. In the Vendor Info drop-down list, select a vendor.
       Note: If your center is allowed to create return orders only for default vendors,
       you will see only those default vendors in the Vendor Info list.
   4. In the Product Name field, enter or select a product name.
   5. In the Retail Qty and/or Consumable Qty field, enter negative stock quantity of
       the product you want to return. For example, if you wish to return 2 shampoo
       bottles, enter -2 in this field.Important: To maintain accuracy in the current stock,
       you must enter only negative number in the return orders. 

    6.Click Add.

    The product is added and the details such as MRP, Unit Price, Discount, and On
     Delivery Price automatically appear based on product’s configuration on the
     Vendors page.
   7. (Optional) To add more products, repeat Steps 3 to 6.
   8. In the Tax field, select applicable tax type for each of the products.
   9. (Optional) Complete the fields such as Shipping and Handling charges, Invoice#,
      and Shipment details.
   10. (Optional) Click Save as Draft to edit the form later.
   11. Click Submit.
        The return order form is submitted to the vendor.
   12. After your vendor confirms that they have received the products, click Returned.
        The current stock is updated.
        Example: Let’s say you have ordered 10 Green Tea Shampoo bottles from vendor
        for retail use. You received the shampoo bottles and the current stock count is
        updated to 10.
       You realise that 4 of the bottles were damaged. Therefore, you raise a return
        order with -4 in the Retail Quantity field and submit it to the vendor. Once your
        vendor receives the shampoo bottles, you click Returned. This updates the
        current stock to 6.

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