The front desk uses Block Out Time Types on the Appointment Book to block the time slots when therapists or providers are on personal or other breaks. This helps the front desk know when providers are not available and why.    
The providers now can view the block out times set for them from the Zenoti Mobile App.

Note: Administrators can create block out time types and set which block out times can be bookable

To View your block out times:

  1. Login as a Therapist or Provider.
  2. Go to Appointments.
  3. Scroll down to see your blocked times.
    Your blocked times such as break, meeting, and lunch appear in the color codes set by the Admin for a block out time in the Block Out Time Types setup
  4. Select the blocked out time.
    You can see the start and end time of the blocked out time, duration, description and notes.
  5. If these slots are bookable a triangle icon is shown on the blocked time. You can book an appointment with the guest in such blocked slots.
    Note: Description box shows the description entered by the Admin while creating the Block Out Time Type and Notes are shown from the Notes entered by the front desk personnel or provider while blocking the time of the therapist from the Zenoti web Appointment Book.

Important: Time slots indicating triangle icon are bookable.  

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