• I have imported an invoice containing particular products/services into QuickBooks. I can see the product/service in QuickBooks, but the price shows zero. What should I do?

    If you can see the product or service in QuickBooks with amount as zero, it is very likely that you have not created the product or service in QuickBooks; and during import from Zenoti into QuickBooks, an entry for the missing product or service was created in QuickBooks, but the amount was not imported.

    This is an expected behavior. For this time, you must manually add the amount in QuickBooks. From the next time, as an entry for the product or service now exists, the amount is imported too.
  • I'm not sure if I should purchase QuickBooks or Xero. Can you give me a comparison of what is supported by Zenoti to help me make a decision?

    Zenoti supports integration with both QuickBooks and Xero. We suggest that you decide on QuickBooks or Xero depending upon your business requirements and budget.
    However if it is of help, here is what Zenoti supports in terms of integration with QuickBooks and Xero.

    Commonly Supported

    After you integrate QuickBooks and Xero with Zenoti, you can import the following from Zenoti:
    - Invoices
    - Guest details
    - Payment details

    Advantages with Xero when compared to QuickBooks
    If you integrate Zenoti with Xero, apart from importing the common items listed in the previous section, Xero offers the following:

    Automatic Sync: After you integrate Xero with Zenoti, the data in Zenoti is automatically synchronized with Xero periodically without manual intervention.

    With QuickBooks, you must manually export data from Zenoti and import into QuickBooks.

    Details of Redemptions: Xero gives you a visibility into the number of memberships, packages, gift cards, and prepaid cards that have been sold and redeemed.
    For example, you can find out the exact number of gift cards that have been sold in a month and how many of them that have been redeemed.

    QuickBooks on the other hand, displays redemptions of memberships, packages, gift cards, prepaid cards, and loyalty points as discounts. You do not have a clear way of finding out how many of these items were sold or redeemed.

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