Why should I verify tax rates?

Your various offerings (services, products, etc.,) might have different taxes that are applicable.
When you add your offerings in Zenoti and QuickBooks, you normally associate the tax rate or tax group for that offering.
To ensure that your bookkeeping is accurate, and for a clean import of the QuickBooks report from Zenoti into QuickBooks, you must ensure that the tax rate or tax group for all your offerings in Zenoti and QuickBooks is the same.

What should be the same (for tax rate and tax group) in Zenoti and QuickBooks?

For each of your offerings in Zenoti and QuickBooks, ensure the exact match of the following:

  1. Tax code name
  2. Percentage rate
  3. In case of a tax group, check the name and percentage rate associated to each of the offerings

How do I verify tax groups in Zenoti?

To verify tax groups in Zenoti:

  1. Ensure that you are at the organization level.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Tax Groups.
    The list of tax groups appear. 
  3. Click the desired tax group to view the tax details and to proceed with your verification.

Learn how to create tax groups and associate tax groups to your offerings in Zenoti.

How do I verify tax rates in QuickBooks?

To verify your tax rates in QuickBooks, you can use the following links:

Important: All the above links referring to QuickBooks are for informational purposes only.
Zenoti bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or the content of the external site or for that of subsequent links.  

What happens if I do not verify tax rates?

If you do not verify tax rates, and if there is a mismatch or taxes missing in Zenoti and QuickBooks, the import into QuickBooks fails.
You may get an error message such as:

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