Using the Zenoti-QuickBooks integration, you can import the following from Zenoti:

  • Guest Details
  • Invoice Details
  • Payment Details

After you complete exporting the QuickBooks report from Zenoti and importing the report into QuickBooks using TransactionPro, it's a good idea to verify in QuickBooks if your import was successful.

Before you Begin

Before you begin to verify your import in QuickBooks, you must be aware of the following:

  • Redemptions of memberships, packages, gift cards, prepaid cards, and loyalty points are shown as discounts in QuickBooks.
  • Tips and Support Staff Gratuity (SSG) are not shown in QuickBooks, as their import is not supported. 

 To verify your import in QuickBooks

1. Log in to QuickBooks.

2. On the Dashboard, click Sales.

3. Use the following tabs to verify the following:

  • Customer: Use this tab to verify Guest Details 
  • Product and Services: Use this tab to verify Invoice and Payment details of all your offerings (Services, Products, Memberships, Packages, Gift Cards, and Prepaid Cards). 

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