QuickBooks is an accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses and is normally used to manage sales, expenses, payroll, and inventory.

The Zenoti-QuickBooks integration (with QuickBooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online) gives you the flexibility of exporting your financial data from Zenoti and importing it into Quickbooks. This in turn allows you to perform your bookkeeping activities in QuickBooks.

In this article, you will know the steps involved in setting up the Zenoti-QuickBooks integration, what you can import from Zenoti, and how you can perform the import into QuickBooks.

Set up Zenoti-QuickBooks integration

The setup consists of the following steps and is normally a one time activity:

  1. Enable QuickBooks integration in Zenoti
  2. (Optional) Add QuickBooks account names in Zenoti
  3. Verify tax rates

Important: The setup steps assume that you have set up your QuickBooks account and have created the Chart of Accounts.

What can you import after the integration?

Using the Zenoti-QuickBooks integration, you can import the following from Zenoti:

  • Guest Details
  • Invoice Details
  • Payment Details

Import data from Zenoti into QuickBooks

Importing details into QuickBooks consists of following steps:

  1. Export QuickBooks report as an Excel file from Zenoti
  2. Use TransactionPro to import the the exported file into Quickbooks
  3. Verify the import in QuickBooks

Important: The import steps assume that you have an instance of the Transacti
onPro Importer
on your computer or have an online TransactionPro Importer account.

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