At times, it makes better sense to raise purchase orders in bulk. Doing so not only helps save time, it also controls what is being ordered, when, and by whom. Managers with this permission can, therefore, act as approvers for purchase orders created. 

Note: Your organization may give the inventory manager at each center the permissions to raise bulk purchase orders or may choose to restrict this ability to only the inventory manager at the organization level.  

Required permissions: Any role with the permission Raise_Order (under Inventory Manager > Inventory) can raise purchase orders in bulk. 

Before you begin, ensure that you have:

To raise purchase orders in bulk:

  1. Select Inventory > Procurements> Orders.
    The Manage Procurement page appears.
    Note: You can be either at the organization level or at the center level. 
  2. In the filters, select List of Orders, Purchase Orders, and Created.
    You can Add Orders or use the Search option to search for purchase orders. 
  3. Select multiple purchase orders and click Raise or Raise & EMail.
    Note: If you select Raise, the purchase orders are raised with your vendors offline. If you select Raise & Email, Zenoti checks if you have valid vendor emails configured. In case vendor emails go missing, Zenoti prompts you to enter the email addresses of your vendors. Finally, Zenoti displays a message confirming that the purchase orders were raised successfully.
    Note: If you want to CC the inventory owner of your center on all emails going out to vendors, ensure you have a valid email address configured for the Inventory Owner you select under Admin > Organization > Centers > Name of the Center > Settings > General > Inventory Owner

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