To view guest details:

1. Access Appointments from the Zenoti Mobile menu.

2. Tap the appointment whose guest details you wish to see.    

The appointment details screen opens and shows the guests' name and category the guest belongs to (indicated by icons).  

Learn more about Guest Categories.   

3. Tap the name of the guest.
    The guest details screen opens and the guest details appear in the following tabs:

  • Profile: Displays the general guest information including name, phone, and email address.
    Important: As part of the TCPA compliance, when creating a guest’s profile using Zenoti Mobile, the front desk must take an approval from the guest to receive marketing messages of your business. If the guest approves, enable the Receive Marketing Emails and Receive Marketing SMS settings under Preferences section in the Guest Details screen.
    This allows your business to send messages to your guest’s mobile. To know more, read: Zenoti and TCPA Compliance.
  • Activity: Displays the guest purchase history (service, package, membership, and product).
  • Forms: Displays the guest forms the guest has submitted.
  • Communications: The notifications sent to the guest.
  • Notes: Displays the notes related to the guest. After you add a note, Zenoti shows Note, Note Type, Added By, Date, and Center.

Note: Depending on your permissions, you will see either all or some of the tabs.

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