By default, notifications of disputed transactions are sent to the email address you used to set up Zenoti Payments (see Step 6 of Zenoti Payments Configuration).
In addition to the email address you specified, individuals with owner or center manager roles receive transaction notifications (in addition to dispute notifications)
Note: If you wish to change the default address for receiving disputed transaction notifications, you could do it from the Processor Settings (see Step 11 of Zenoti Payments Configuration).

You can also choose to add recipients of dispute and other transaction notifications from the organization level.

To add additional recipients of disputed transaction notifications

1. At the organization level, navigate to Admin > Organization > Organizations >

2. Expand the Appointment template. 

3. Locate Zenoti Payments dispute notification and click Edit.
    The screen to add recipients opens.

4. Click Add.
    The Add recipients to the email's cc opens.

5. From the Add recipient by field, select Username, Role,
    or Email.
    The options that follow change based on your selection.

6. Based on your selection in Step 5, enter a username, select a role, or enter the
    desired email address and click Add.
    The recipient is added and displayed for you to review.

7. (Optional) To add additional recipients repeat Step 6.

8. Click Done to confirm the recipients.
     Zenoti adds the recipients you specify to the transaction notifications cc

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