As an organization, you can assign a fixed number of grooming points to your employees each month as part of their remuneration. You can assign these grooming points to employees from the Employee profile page. Employees can use these points against services in the center.

If your organization gives grooming points to employees per month, use this report to look at the grooming points allowance, redemption, and current balance for each employee in the selected time period.

Follow these steps to run the report:

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center for which you want to run the report. 
  2. On the main the Reports tab.
  3. On the Reports Dashboard, click Employee > Grooming Points (from filter). 
  4. Click Grooming  Points. The report opens in a new tab.
  5. Make your selections in the filter criteria and click Refresh. 
  6. To export the report, click the Excel or .CSV icons. 

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