In Zenoti, products could mean any of the retail or consumable items such as massage oils, shampoos, conditioners.

Products sold to guests are retail products and products used during the discharge of services for guests are consumable products. In many cases, products such as almond massage oil may be tracked in the application as both, a retail and a consumable product.

In Zenoti, employees can earn commissions only on retail products - that is, for the products they sell. 

In Zenoti, products may be sold in the following ways:

  • Direct Sales: Products sold directly by an employee to a guest; product commission settings apply to these sales. That is, when employees sell products, they can earn commissions in three ways - based on employee or job profile settings, flat amount, or percentage of sales value. 
  • Free Products in Series Packages: Products offered for free as part of series packages. Commissions, in this case, are calculated on the weighted prices of the products. 
  • Bundled Products in Series Packages: Products sold as part of series packages. Commissions, in this case, are calculated on the actual prices of the products.  
    Important: Revenue on products sold as part of packages are realized when the product is given to the customers, not when the package is sold. For example, a guest may purchase a package on 15th Nov, but the bundled products may be given to the customer on the 10 Dec. In this case, revenue on the product sold is realized on 10th Dec. 


  • Configure Product Commissions at the Product (Item) Level
  • Configure Product Commissions at Individual Employee Level
  • Configure Product Commissions based on Settings Configured at the Employee or Job Profile Level (Revenue Slabs)

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