For payroll purposes, all employees at your center must check in and check out at the start and end of each shift. Failure to effectively manage the employee check-in or checkout may result in payroll errors.

To check an employee in or out

1. In the top-right corner of the Appointment Book, click the Employee Check In/Out icon.

The Select Employee window opens.
2. Click the Select Employee drop-down list and select the name of the employee you want to check in or out.

3. Enter your username and password for authorization. 

If you are checking in, Zenoti automatically captures the employee's check-in time. The Appointment Book displays the name of the employee in Green or Red font, based on whether the employee checked in on time or is late to work.

If the selected employee is already checked in, Zenoti checks him/her out.

Note: On a given day, you can extend an employee’s schedule even if the employee has already checked in. For example, if the employee was due to work from 9AM to 4PM, you can now edit this to say, 9AM to 6PM. Only users who have the appropriate permissions to edit employee schedules can extend the employee schedules.
Note: You still cannot make changes to the employee’s status after the employee has checked in. For example, if the employee’s status is Working, you cannot change it to Leave or Weekly Off.

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